Bismillaah hir-rah-maa nirra-heem (In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful)

About Us

Jamia Masjid in Townsend Road, Southall has the privilege of being one of the oldest institutions of West London, being set up in 1965 and serving the Muslims belonging to the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah.

Qari Mohammad Amin Chisti has been the Imam since 30th september 1984. This is when he first came to the UK. The mosque continues under the successful guidance of Qari Mohammead Amin Chisti providing educational services to young Muslim girls, boys and a separate class for Huffaz, those learning to memorise the Quran.

Apart from, five daily prayers, events celebrated by the Sunni Muslims, particularly, those belonging to the Indo-Pak community are also held. These events are the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) commonly known as Milaad-un-Nabi, Ghiyarhaveen Sharif, the lives of Awliya Allah and many others too.

The celebration of Milaad-un-Nabi is one of the most important events held every year. The celebration of this event began in Southall in 1987. During the celebration a procession is led from the Mosque along Southall Broadway which ends in a Town Hall in Southall, culminating in lectures by various scholars and Nasheeds.

Many reputed scholars from the UK, India and Pakistan are invited to share their ideas and thoughts on how Muslims should cultivate a good character by following the example of the Prophet as well as developing love and closer proximity to the Prophet's family.

During Ramadan Taraweeh prayers are offered and also people sit for Itikaf for thelast ten days of the month. many community events are also held.

In this country, which does not have an Islamic society, events focussing on history of Islam, particularly the history of the Khulafa-e-Rashideen, and heroes of Islam are held to remind the Muslims, especially the young, how great Islam is and what difference it has made to the world. This inspires them and makes them think about what sacrifices people have made to make Islam, a great religion, that it is.

The masjid has become a permanent fixture in the lives of Muslims of Southall. It is also the centre of spiritual guidance and inspiration. The lives of saints belonging to the four sufi silsilaa Chistia, Qadria, Suharwardia and Naqshbandia are discussed, and lectures focusing on how these saints have helped Muslims and the cause of Islam with a particular emphasis on Hadhrat Ghausul Adham Mohiuddin Abdul Qadir Jeelani of Badgdad. This all happens due to the great effort and dedication of Qari sahib and with the support of all local Sunni Muslims.

Qari sahib has really worked very hard for more than 20 years to make this mosque an important institution for the Muslims of Southall and surrounding areas. We invite you and welcome you to be part of this mosque by coming to our events and encouraging us, so that we can carry this work forward with your help and support. We welcome any new ideas that that would help us in our aim to serve the Muslim.

Khawaja Mohammad Asif
Jamia Masjid Islamic Centre

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