Bismillaah hir-rah-maa nirra-heem (In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful)


Date: Sunday 23rd June 2013 at 7 pm

Main speaker will be Hafiz Mohammed Farooq Khan Sayedi.
Allama Dr Rashid Zia Naeemi will deliver his speech in English.

Local naat khwaans will be present.

Program will began at 7 pm.

Insha Allah, Salat-e-Tasbee may be performed at the mosque after the Isha prayer (11 pm), if the construction work permits.

Muslim brothers and sisters are invited to attend.
Separate area provided for ladies.

Jalsa - Shab-e-Barat - Jamia Masjid - Southall

Shab-e-Baraat - The Night of Forgiveness

Do you realise that we are on the very threshold of "Shab-e-Baraat", the auspicious 15th night of the month of Sha'ban. It is during that very night that the deeds of all human beings are submitted to Almighty Allah.

In that blessed night, by the medium of the latest and last in the chronological order in the long line of Prophet Nabi Muhammad Mustafa (salliallah'alay-he was sallam), Allah's beloved friend - Allah will grant forgiveness to the sinners in faith.

However such mercy is not extended to those who have hostility towards their brethren and whose hearts overflow with hatred....not forever quite fortunately, but until good relationships is restored between the parties.

Consequently it is the duty of all Muslims who have transgressed in this way to reconcile themselves unreservedly before the sunset on the 14th Sha'ban with those who they have offended so that their sins are forgiven by the creator.

Carrying out these out these valuables teaching of Islam produces total harmony inside the community. But, for such reconciliations to be accepted by the Almighty, they must not spring merely from the lips but must originate from the very bottom of the heart itself.

Reconciliation that is artificial and devoid of sincerity of the heart and spirit was never meant to deserve the least remissions of sins.

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